Hands Free Ultrasound has Arrived!

Ultrasound is now HANDS-FREE!!!

Introducing The RichMar AutoSound

  • Sequentially activates each of the four 3.5 cm² Ultrasound Transducers to provide perfect treatment delivery every time.
  • 1 MHz, 3 MHz, as well as 1 & 3 MHz, Sweep Ultrasound frequencies to direct ultrasound to the appropriate target tissue.
  • Hands-free Ultrasound Applicator includes Swivel Attachment with Three (3) Fabrifoam Velcro Straps for easy application to any treatment area on the body
  • Easily accessorize the Winner EVO CM2 / CM4 Combo Devices or Therasound EVO Devices for hands-free ultrasound therapy
  • Autosound = Less clinician time + better patient outcomes.
Call 1-800-345-1124 TODAY for more info!

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