The Vagus Nerve

The longest of the cranial nerves, the vagus nerve is so named because it “wanders” like a vagabond, sending out fibers from your brainstem to your visceral organs. The vagus nerve is literally the captain of your inner nerve center, and largely responsible for both the sympathetic (fight or flight) and parasympathic (rest and digest) nervous systems. And like a good captain, it does a great job of overseeing a vast range of crucial functions, communicating nerve impulses to every organ in your body. The vagus nerve may also be the missing link to treating chronic inflammation and pain. 

The vagus nerve helps prevents inflammation, helps you breathe, is intimately involved with your heart, which can be demonstrated through Heart Rate Variability (HRV).  The vagus nerve also controls the body’s relaxation response, and so much more.

Patients with a wide variety condition (stressors) are often high sympathetic (fight or flight).  In this state if is often difficult to for the body to repair and heal.  There are drug free, non-opioid solutions available to make a long lasting impact for these difficult clinical cases.

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