Difference between the Magnesphere and most PEMF Devices


  • Whole Body Immersion
  • Very low, bio-human friendly magnetic fields
  • Effects molecular targets
  • Uniform magnetic fields
  • More of a core or root effect
  • Effects the Autonomic Nervous System
  • Emits signals that the body can understand
  • Continuous bathing of signals


  • Localized to area of complaint
  • Very High magnetic fields
  • Effects larger objects, bone, muscle ect..
  • Uneven magnetic fields
  • More of a surface or peripheral effect
  • Has minimal or no effect on Autonomic Nervous System
  • Emits signals that confuse / block nerve signals
  • Signals go thru affected area and leave the body

A good example of the differences can be parallel to going on a nutritional diet.

We all know that if you choose to lose weight, a balanced diet is the best way to get you to your target weight or size. Understanding that the process does not happen after a few “good meals”. It takes time, commitment and dedication to meet your goals.

In the PEMF idea, very high strength, magnetic fields are focused on the area of the chief complaint. These signals are “foreign” to our bodies because they are not at a level that the body understands. This is the idea of “instant gratification”, most people feel relief in the brief treatment. Once the treatment is complete, and the effects of the fields dissipates, symptomatology could return. So, let’s compare this to our diet scenario. If someone wanted to lose weight extremely fast by means of instant gratification, liposuction could be utilized. It is fast and something that is less “natural to the body”. But if you don’t change your lifestyle, the weight will eventually come back.

PEMF devices essentially work directly on the issue by blocking or temporarily lowering the pain threshold.  For many people, this method works great. It can also be compared to taking ibuprofen for pain. The medication will sometimes just temporarily reduce the pain and gives the body a chance to figure out how to overcome this symptomatic situation.

In the Magnesphere idea, we use extremely low, whole body, bio-human friendly magnetic fields, to gently influence specific molecular targets that are inducing areas of pain, inflammation, stiffness, ect… But more importantly, we have a distinct effect on the Vagus Nerve of the body. The Vagus nerve connects the brain to all the vital organs of the body. This is a vital link to the Autonomic Nervous System, our “fight or flight” and “rest and digest” processes. When we can have a parasympathetic (rest and digest) effect on the body, we typically see a relaxation response. When the body can be more “stress free”, the body can handle the healing process much better.

In regards to a diet, the Magnesphere can be compared to putting in a process to eat right, exercise and continually “chipping away” at the issues our bodies might be dealing with. It is more natural because the magnetic fields are so super low, our bodies will understand the signals, relax, and start making subtle, important changes in the body.

So, you have a choice to go 2 routes here, both can achieve the same objective….one is more friendly to the body with possible, longer lasting effects, and one is a little tougher on the body and might not be a long-term solution.

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