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There's less than 60 days until YOUR money becomes tax money! Why not turn it into something beneficial for your practice instead, by taking your Section 179 deduction? Check out our cutting-edge equipment at our website below! Call us today before the tax clock runs out! Quick Tip: Did you know that even if you finance new equipment BEFORE the end of the year, you may be able to deduct the entire cost of the equipment as a 2017 capital expense,...

Revolutionize Your Practice With Cutting Edge Rehab Equipment!

Core Stix allows patients to practice safe and repeatable movements that rehabilitate strength. The system is scalable and versatile for people of all ability levels, whether the patient is a senior, in a wheel chair or a professional athlete, Core Stix can help them get their strength back using a variety of rods, called “stix”, with different resistances. Just as importantly for therapists, the system even folds up and stores away quickly – and it can be set up...

Add Convenience and Efficiency To Your Office Today!

The Dynatron Solaris is a multi-faceted electrical stimulation platform that enhances clinical outcomes. Its unmatched versatility, treatment effectiveness, and hallmark "Target" feature will leave your patients looking forward to their next visit. Contact us today to learn more about the Solaris Plus and its unique features, including the optional Tri-Wave Light Probe, optional "hands free" Tri-Wave Light Pads, and the unique optional ThermoStim probe, which combines heat or cold with electrical stim while performing instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization.

Isn’t It Time To Elevate Your Practice?

Elevate your practice by upgrading to a MedSurface 3 Section hi-lo treatment table, or by incorporating the NEW SmarTrac Traction Decompression System from Dynatronics. The SmarTrac Traction Decompression System offers the practitioner unparalleled control of all traction parameters, allowing total customization to fit your patients needs for both cervical and lumbar traction. Customization can be taken a step further when you use the SmarTrac's ability to save a patient's parameters or treatment goals, making treatment as easy...

Save on all of your clinical supplies by with our DynaClub Purchasing Program!

DynaClub is a joint venture between Harlan Health Products, Inc. and Dynatronics Corp designed to provide you with savings up to 35% off professional pricing on your clinical supplies. If you already have a DynaClub account, click here to place your online order. If you would like to open a DynaClub Account, contact us at 1-800-345-1124 , and we will get your account set up with our BEST pricing and Flat Rate Shipping so you can start saving money today.

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Consider adding laser/light therapy to provide better clinical outcomes. A well researched and dramatically effective modality, laser/light therapy is changing how practitioners manage pain. The MR4 Laser/Stim unit from Multi-Radiance is a unique system that is designed to take the guesswork out of laser therapy treatment. The Target Technology, exclusive to the MR4, guides you to the appropriate tissue to treat as well as the appropriate dose to deliver. This ensures excellent and reproducible clinical results.

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