RichMar AutoSound Hands-Free Ultrasound

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AutoSound Hands-Free Ultrasound Applicator enables unattended ultrasound therapy treatments, maximizing clinic efficiency while ensuring positive patient outcomes.  The AutoSound Hands-Free Ultrasound Applicator can be ordered with a TheraSound EVO or Winner EVO Combo units. (Shown above with the TheraSound EVO unit)  

The AutoSound Applicator has four 3.5cm² ultrasound transducers that are sequentially activated to provide perfect ultrasound technique. This allows you to get the best therapeutic delivery, hands-free.  Using the Autosound gel pads maximizes uniform ultrasound distribution while eliminating the messy set-up and clean-up required with traditional ultrasound treatments.  

The TheraSound EVO and Winner EVO Combo both come equipped with the 2cm² and 5cm² Therapy Hammer transducer, which delivers both 1MHz & 3MHz ultrasound.  The AutoSound Applicator delivers 1MHz, 3MHz, and alternates between 1MHz & 3MHz to provide maximum ultrasound absorption in both superficial and deep tissues.

  • Patented hands-free Therapeutic Ultrasound Applicator
  • 1 MHz, 3 MHz, as well as 1 & 3 MHz, Sweep Ultrasound frequency settings
  • Hands-free Ultrasound Applicator includes Swivel Attachment with Three (3) Fabrifoam Velcro Straps for easy fixation to any treatment area on the body
  • 4 individual 3.5 cm² Ultrasound Transducers in each AutoSound Applicator
  • Sequences between each of the four 3.5 cm² Ultrasound Transducers for 1 second each
  • Easily accessorize the Winner EVO CM2 / CM4 or Therasound EVO Devices for hands-free ultrasound therapy
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Proudly Made in the USA