Check Out These Drug Free Migraine and Headache Solutions

A Healthy, Drug Free, 2 Step Protocol for Relief from Migraine and Headaches

Stopain Clinical Migraine & Headache is a fast, effective, affordable, and safe way to offer the much sought after feeling of relief from headaches and migraines.

The Apex Cervical Orthosis Premium with Heat is an effective tool to assist healthcare professionals in restoring a patient’s proper cervical lordosis. The Apex Cervical Orthosis helps counteract forward head posture, which in turn helps to relieve neck pain and headaches.

  • Contoured shape for ideal head and neck positioning
  • Unique wedge shape extension to provide support to the upper thoracic spine
  • Included moist head pack that inserts at apex of the wedge, providing heat therapy to the cervical spine and paraspinal soft tissue

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