Apex Cervical Orthosis with Heat



The Apex Cervical Orthosis Premium with Heat is an effective tool to assist healthcare professionals in restoring a patient’s proper cervical lordosis. It can be used by your patients daily, in the office, or at home, under your direction.

Prolonged forward head posture on a regular basis is known to be detrimental to one’s posture. When patients use the Apex Premium Cervical Orthosis with Heat, under the direction of their health care professional, it helps to counteract forward head posture, helps relieve headaches and neck pain associated with whiplash injury, “tech neck”, as well as other cervical injuries.

Benefits of Apex Premium Cervical Orthosis includes:
  • Contoured Shape for positioning:
    Provides firm support to place the head and neck in a biomechanically correct position.  This helps re-establish a proper cervical curve that has been diminished as a result of forward head posture.
  • Unique Wedge Shape Extension:
    The unique wedge extension provides support to the upper thoracic spine for comfort, allows the shoulders to drop, stretching the chest and neck muscles. Expanding the chest in this manner promotes proper breathing and facilitates relaxation.
  • Moist Heat Therapy:
    The MicroBeads® Moist Heat Pack easily inserts in a channel at the apex of the wedge, providing targeted moist heat therapy to the cervical spine and paraspinal soft tissue. It is well accepted that increasing the temperature of the tissue to be stretched improves elasticity of muscles and ligaments, enhancing range of motion.  Made with a plush fabric cover, the MicroBeads Moist Heat Pack is soft to the touch and gentle on the skin. The microbeads absorb ambient moisture and release moisture when heated.  Microbeads are anti-bacterial and contain no allergens that are commonly found in herbal or grain-based packs.
  • Ease of Use:
    Easy to use in your facility or provide for home use. Simply warm the drug-free, scent-free, pack in the microwave; the pack will maintain therapeutic temperature for 20 minutes.

Call 1-800-345-1124 or email Sales@HarlanHealth.com to place your order. 

Note: Like all of our products, the Apex Cervical Orthosis is only sold to health care professionals.