Target and Resolve the Problems with Laser!

Give your patients a unique experience with laser therapy!

 The MR4 Laser/Stim unit from Multi-Radiance is a unique system that is designed to take the guesswork out of laser therapy treatment.
  • Target technology finds the appropriate tissue to treat as well as the appropriate dosage of laser to deliver. This takes the guesswork out of delivering laser therapy and ensures remarkable result…fast!!!
  • Safe and effective therapeutic results through simultaneous delivery of 3 different wavelengths (660nm, 880nm, 905nm) insure optimal penetration and absorption.
  • Treat hands-free with the optional Laser Shower emitter saving you time without sacrificing quality.
  • 25-50 Watts of Super Pulsed Laser power delivers maximum photon density to the tissue without dangerously heating tissue so the true advantage of laser therapy can be achieved
  • Affordable Equipment Financing Available to those that qualify.
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Quick Tip:

Make sure to treat with laser or light therapy FIRST before performing manual therapy, electrotherapy, or any other treatment in order to maximize the absorption of the photons you are delivering to the target tissue.

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