Technological Advances Make Old Modalities Obsolete.

With the speed at which technological advancements have been made
over the past several years, digital and computerized components, as well
as many electronic parts have become obsolete. As a result, many critical
components that were used in the manufacturing of older modalities have
aged to a point where they are no longer available.

“Several popular manufacturers have a long list of equipment that have
gone beyond their useful lives and made it to the obsolete list.”, states
Harlan Pyes, President of Harlan Health Products, Inc.

Harlan Pyes continues, “In order to serve our customers we have
partnered with Dynatronics to offer a very generous, but limited time,
trade-in program. When they order a new Dynatron Solaris Plus we will
give our customers a generous discount when they trade-in their old
modalities, whether they are working or not. It is a great way to upgrade
their equipment, and their practice, to insure patients get the experience
and clinical results they are looking for.”

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