It’s summer, give your hands a vacation!

If you’ve been providing your patients manual soft tissue therapy for years, there are two guarantees: your patients appreciate the results, and your hands are taking a beating. Your hands are your most important tools when it comes to treating patients, so give them a rest while offering a unique experience with the ThermoStim Probe or the enPuls!

The ThermoStim Probe, an accessory for Dynatronics stim and combo units, can heat up to 112° F or cool down to 35° F with just a touch of a button, while also delivering electrical stimulation to further anesthetize the target tissue. This allows you to be even more aggressive yielding better clinical results.

The enPuls is a radial shockwave therapy system designed to provide your patients a unique and effective soft tissue treatment. Whether it’s breaking up adhesions, stimulating the healing response, or treating deep into muscles or tendons, the enPuls offers a complete and effective treatment in less than four minutes.

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Quick Tip:

If you’re treating a small area with electrical stimulation that can’t fit two electrodes, try using one large electrode and one small electrode. The large electrode can be placed away from the treatment area, as it will become a dispersive electrode. Use the smaller electrode as the active one over the treatment site.

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