Relief Pak 4 Pack Unit

4 Pack Heating Unit


The Relief Pak® 4 pack heating unit is ideal for private treatment rooms or smaller spaces.  It holds up to four standard size hot packs and is small enough to keep on top of a table or countertop. Because of its insulation, the Relief Pak® 4 pack heating unit is a safer alternative to the leading heat pack unit.  Pack configuration can be customized to fit your needs.

Relief Pak® heating units make using moist heat packs safer and more efficient. This unit is made from durable, seamless, stainless steel with insulation for safety and efficiency. While the unit is at its set operating temperature, the exterior remains safe to touch. In addition, the insulation helps the heating unit maintain its temperature and reduce operating costs.  Relief Pak heating units feature a clearly labeled thermostat and easy access to its on/off switch to give you full operational control.


  • Capacity (without packs) 5 gal
  • Insulated
  • Time to heat to 165°F from 70°F 1 hour 15
  • External temperature °F (side/lid) 90°F / 120°F  
  • Warranty 1 year
  • Power cord Detachable hospital grade plug
  • Thermal safety cut-off 175°F
  • Recommended temperature range 160° – 165°F
  • Exterior dimensions 14”w  x 11”d x 20”h
  • Interior dimensions 10”w x  8”d x 14”h          
  • Weight (without water) 13lbs  
  • Power consumption 1,020W
  • Power supply 110V, 50/60Hz, 8 amps