Pain Relief That Travels With You!

The TQ Solo™ provides temporary pain relief at the clinic and on the road.

The TQ Solo™ is the only handheld portable device with exclusive Multi Radiance Technology. Multi Radiance Technology utilizes 4 proven radiances. It is FDA cleared for a temporary relief of pain associated with arthritis, muscle pain and increasing microcirculation.

Administering effective treatment is simple with three preset frequencies and an easy-to-use pain-relieving guide.

TQ Solo™ Cordless Laser is easy as 1 2 3:

  • TQ Solo™ is compact and lightweight
  • The rechargeable lithium battery lasts up to 8 hours
  • 15,000 mW of Super Pulsed laser power
  • Select the frequency recommended in the guide
  • Compatible with acupuncture & muscle trigger probes
  • Scan the TQ Solo™ over the treatment area, as illustrated in the treatment guide


Specification Description
Super Pulsed Laser Radiation 905nm
Broadband infrared radiation 875nm
Visible red light radiation 640nm
Laser infrared radiation pulse power 15W
Pulse repetition frequency Laser and broadband infrared radiation 3 Preset Frequencies
Emitter aperature 5-10 cm2
Magnetic induction 35 mT
Overall dimensions (max) 140 x 50 x 50 mm
Net weight 0.3kg (0.66 lbs)