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Consider adding laser/light therapy to provide better clinical outcomes. A well researched and dramatically effective modality, laser/light therapy is changing how practitioners manage pain. The MR4 Laser/Stim unit from Multi-Radiance is a unique system that is designed to take the guesswork out of laser therapy treatment. The Target Technology, exclusive to the MR4, guides you to the appropriate tissue to treat as well as the appropriate dose to deliver. This ensures excellent and reproducible clinical results.

The Dynatron Solaris Plus already has built in capabilities to unlock its potential with the Tri-Wave Light Probe and hands-free Tri-Wave Light Pads! By combining 3 different wavelengths, the Light Probe and Light Pads allow you to make your Solaris Plus the most versatile therapeutic platform on the market today

Quick Tip: Make sure to treat with laser or light therapy FIRST before performing manual therapy, electrotherapy, or any other treatment in order to maximize the absorption of the photons you are delivering to the target tissue.

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