The ErgoStyle FX table is a sophisticated table that is easy to incorporate into any practice that wants the ability to perform effortless flexion distraction. It performs full, ultra-smooth, counterbalanced flexion at any height between 19” and 32”. The ErgoStyle FX provides infinitely variable electric flexion tension to allow for fingertip effort in moving the caudal section into flexion/extension, lateral bending, and axial rotation. This dramatically reduces the physical effort and fatigue for the doctor. When your patient does not require flexion distraction, the ErgoStyle FX easily accommodates most other adjusting techniques. This provides you with maximum versatility.

Have your ErgoStyle FX built just the way you like it with its many custom options like:

  • Auto Flexion:

-Choose and display flexion degrees, extension degrees, time, speed, and angle. Auto set feature logs minimum and maximum angles set manually and reproduces them during auto flexion mode. In Auto Flexion mode you can adjust speed, time and angles during treatment.

  • Accelerator™ III Manual Cocking Drop Section:

– Provide the quickest drop section on the market. Available for the thoracic, lumbar, and pelvic sections.

  • Headpiece Options:

-Tilt & Elevation, Forward & Toggle Drop w/Adjustable Face Cushions -Tilt & Elevation w/ Adjustable Face Cushions

-Tilt, Stationary Forward Drop w/Adjustable Face Cushions

-Tilt, w/Adjustable Face Cushions

  • Chest Piece Options:

-Breakaway Chest w/Single Side Control
-Breakaway Chest w/Dual Side Control


-Electric Elevation from 19” to 32”.
-Telescoping covers over lifting mechanism for aesthetics and safety
-Speed: 19” to 32” in 13 seconds
-Seamless cushions with multi-density foam
-Lift Capacity: 400 lbs
-Length: 69.5” to 76”
-Width: 23.5” width

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