The ErgoStyle ES2000 GEN II Elevation Table is an ergonomically designed adjusting table built to meet the physical needs of the clinician while providing patients with the highest level of comfort as they move from position to position. Electric elevation adjusts between 20” and 32”, which dramatically reduces the physical effort and fatigue for the clinician. ErgoStyle ES2000 GEN II easily accommodates most adjusting techniques, providing you with maximum versatility.

Have your ErgoStyle ES2000 GEN II built just the way you like it with its many custom options like:

• Accelerator™ III Manual Cocking Drop Section:

– Provide the quickest drop section on the market. Available for the thoracic, lumbar, and pelvic sections.

• Headpiece Options:

-Tilt & Elevation, Forward & Toggle Drop w/Adjustable Face Cushions.
-Tilt & Elevation w/ Adjustable Face Cushions.
-Tilt, Stationary Forward Drop w/Adjustable Face Cushions.
-Tilt, w/Adjustable Face Cushions.

• Chest Piece Options:

-Breakaway Chest w/Single Side Control.
-Breakaway Chest w/Dual Side Control.


-Electric Elevation from 19” to 32”.
-Telescoping covers over lifting mechanism for aesthetics and safety.
-Seamless cushions with multi-density foam.
-Lift Capacity: 400 lbs.
-Length: 70” to 76” (with ankle section extended).
-Width: 23”.