Have your decompression traction harnesses gotten so worn out that they have lost their grip on your patients?    

We can help you provide your patients with a better experience in your practice with our Decompression Traction Accessory Package.  It includes three professional products to increase comfort for your patient and enhance their clinical results.

The Decompression Traction Table Harnesses are contoured to comfortably fit under the rib cage of both female and male patients. Both the thoracic and lumbar harnesses are made from a non-slip, latex-free material that ensures the harnesses stay in place, even over clothing.  The velcro closures make set-up fast and secure. Unique markings on the harnesses insure the proper alignment of the patient.  Fits waist sizes 24”-60.

The RB Traction Pillow supports the patients’ shoulders as well as the lower cervical spine. This pillow increases the overall comfort for patients during both cervical and lumbar decompression traction sessions.

The Decompression Traction Knee Bolsters (one for each leg) are a durable and easily placed aid to help you reduce the lumbar curve during treatment, as well as keeping your patients comfortable and relaxed. In addition, the knee bolsters keep the lumbar spine in the proper position to insure the decompression traction force is effectively administered.  

If your current traction equipment is no longer working, obsolete, or you are just ready to upgrade to new technology, click here.

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Note: Like all of our products, the Decompression Traction Accessory Package is only sold to health care professionals.