Isn’t It Time To Elevate Your Practice?

Elevate your practice by upgrading to a MedSurface 3 Section hi-lo treatment table, or by incorporating the NEW SmarTrac Traction Decompression System from Dynatronics.

The SmarTrac Traction Decompression System offers the practitioner unparalleled control of all traction parameters, allowing total customization to fit your patient’s needs for both cervical and lumbar traction. Customization can be taken a step further when you use the SmarTrac’s ability to save a patient’s parameters or treatment goals, making treatment as easy as the push of a button.

The 3 Section table from MedSurface has an easily adjustable table height, elevating from 18-40” just by stepping on the conveniently placed foot bar that surrounds the table. The head section raises 70 degrees and lowers to a full 90 degrees, allowing maximum patient comfort. Effortless to clean, easy to use, and at a price that can’t be beat, the MedSurface 3 Section is a perfect table to integrate into any practice.

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dc267416-6670-4dba-9702-58ee2d6722d8Quick Tip:

Keep your tables stronger for longer! Don’t use alcohol-based wipes or cleaning fluids on the upholstery of your tables. This will dry out the material and cause cracks. Instead, consider using a cleaning fluid like Citrus II, available for purchase when you call us today at 800-345-1124.

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