Winback Therapy is an innovative high-frequency current technology that helps patients recover from injuries at an accelerated rate. This technology has been used successfully throughout the world since 2003 with excellent clinical results for acute, sub-acute, and chronic conditions, as well as pre- and post-exercise / training / competitive events. This extraordinary modality is now available in the United States, thanks to the effort of the Winback Team.  Harlan Health Products, Inc. is excited to be among the first U.S. dealers to bring this technology to our customers.

It was fantastic for a chronic tendinosis patient of mine. I definitely need it (Winback Therapy) in my life!

E. Altman, DPT

Winback high-frequency current operates at 300 KHz, 500 KHz, and 1000 KHz, depending on the selected mode. This non-invasive current stimulates the body’s natural repair mechanisms, promotes cellular exchange, increase microcirculation, vascularization, and lymphatic drainage. In combination with manual therapy, Winback offers excellent rehabilitation results due to faster recovery of muscle and joint functions. It is a genuine physiological bio-accelerator.  In fact, we would expect recovery from injury to be 2X faster than with manual therapy alone, with an improved healing to prevent re-injury.

Winback Therapy differs from electrostimulation or ultrasound via the generation of a high-frequency current which is delivered non-invasively and is natural for the human body. The frequency range developed by Winback allows precise targeting of different tissue layers (muscles, tendons, joints, and bones), working on deep and painful conditions which were previously unresponsive.

Winback has 6 basic, effective ways to be delivered.  More accessories are being developed to enhance your Winback experience and facilitate the most effective clinical outcomes.  View our newest video below, “Implementation”, to see how Winback can fit in your practice.

Winback 1.0 : Manual Mode – 1 Mobile Electrode  + 1 Fixed Electrode

Winback 2.0: Hands-Free Mode – 2 Fixed Electrodes

Winback 3.0:  Expert Mode – 2 Mobile Electrodes, one in each hand

Winback 4.0:  Express Mode – Mobile Multipolar electrode

Winback 5.0:  Intelligent Mode – 2 Wrist Bracelets + 1 Fixed Electrode

Winback 6.0: 1 thermal electrode + 1 fixed electrode

Winback 6.0 is a new accessory meant to be used in RET + mode thanks to a specific Fractal gun. Its main effect is an intensive hyperthermia associated with a deep electrical impulse in order to release chronic tension and disrupt adhesions in a few minutes. Continued treatments enhance collagen production to aid in tissue repair.  The 6.0, once plugged on the monopolar RET input (blue connector), acts like a shockwave through a static application. The combination of Tecar specific frequency and RET + mode with a modulated signal (BEAT) offers targeted, effective and long-lasting analgesic action.


Winback Therapy is used in conjunction with your manual therapy techniques to treat a wide variety of conditions. The videos below highlight a few of the common areas you treat, and how Winback Therapy can be easily integrated into your treatment regimes.








Winback Therapy is delivered:

  • While the practitioner is performing manual soft tissue work.  This greatly enhances the clinical outcome from the delivery of both Winback Therapy and manual soft tissue therapy/ joint mobilization.
  • Hands-free during dynamic activity to deliver Winback energy to specific tissues during movement.
  • Hands-free passively to allow Winback energy to be absorbed while your patient is in the most relaxed state to prepare them for more effective soft tissue work, joint mobilization, or other therapeutic activity.

Winback High-Frequency current is delivered with 2 important mechanisms.

  • CET (Capacitive electrodes) for deep penetration into highly hydrated, conductive “soft” tissue, i.e. muscle.
  • RET (Resistive electrodes) to for best absorption into “hard” tissue, i.e. tendons, ligaments, and bone.

Winback intensity is based on the clinical outcome desired:

  • Acute conditions are treated with non-thermal dosage to increase cell permeability and the exchange of fluid and substrates across the cell membrane to encourage healing at the cellular level.
  • Sub-acute conditions respond well when a mild thermal effect is delivered.  This promotes the cellular response and enhances microcirculation.  
  • Chronic conditions are resolved when a deep thermal effect is developed in the tissue to enhance cellular repair and micro-circulation. In addition, the vascular and lymphatic systems are stimulated to enhance the delivery of nutrients to the tissue, as well as improve lymphatic drainage.   

Winback Academy

The Winback Academy has over 1,500 practitioners worldwide, who provide feedback to the Winback Team so new protocols and accessories can be developed for existing and new Winback users.  A closed Facebook Community allows Winback users around the world to exchange treatment ideas, ask peers clinical questions, and help to enhance your Winback experience and clinical outcomes. The Winback Academy is one way to ensure your Winback device and your clinical outcomes will keep getting better.

Published Articles

A review of TECAR Therapy, by Riberio, Henriques, and Cardoza, published in the International Journal of Public Health and Health Systems, demonstrated positive result from TECAR Therapy application.

Additionally, a white paper was written by Danny Fishwick, Sports Rehabilitator in the United Kingdom’s Football Premier League.  It is an interesting review of the literature about TECAR Therapy in Sport.

As Winback TECAR Therapy continues its fast ascent in the United State, it is likely that U.S. studies will be published about TECAR Therapy.

The Effectiveness of Tecartherapy in Musculoskeletal Disorders

Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. Tecar Literature Review of Tecar Therapy in Sport by Danny Fishwick

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