The Recovery Senior provides an incredible value to the clinician. Able to handle a diverse range of patients from high school athletes to bariatric rehabilitation clientele, The Recovery provides a wide range of activities, from post-surgical to aggressive plyometric jumping. Designed with ease of use in mind; the Recovery makes patient transfers, resistance adjustments, and ROM easy for both the patient and the clinician.


Excellent Capacity – Resistance up to 300 lbs at full extension and a Patient weight capacity of 600 lbs.

Comfort & Support – Wide backrest to provide additional support for bariatric & senior Patients. (Optional wedge backrest also available)

Safe & Secure – Foot supports that suspend patients’ feet against kick plate, carriage lockdown, Comfortable foam back wedge and wobble board.

Small Footprint – 24” x 48” carriage bed at a height of 21”, 24” on the Senior only wider than the Shuttle MVP & 2000-1.


Overall Footprint: 31″ x 98″

Resistance: 12.5-300 lbs

Backrest Dimensions: 24″ x 28″

Carriage Capacity: 600 lbs