Oakworks® lightest, full size table features their patented complimentary support system and the best access on the market. This stylish lightweight table is supported by a sturdy ultimate access aluminum understructure ensuring superior leg room for the therapist on all sides of the table. This is a perfect table for anyone who travels, treats a diverse client base, or works seated much of the time.

TerraTouch™ Upholstery
Oakworks® is proud to bring you TerraTouch™, a revolutionary, earth-friendly upholstery fabric, made from environmentally friendly, PVC-free premium polyurethane. Besides being more ecologically safe than any other fabric like it, we designed it with the best features for bodywork: a soft “hand” for ultra comfort, a great memory to retain its shape, excellent abrasion and tear resistance, high oil resistance, and it is easy to clean.