Patients at any level will find physical benefits and rehabilitative functionality on a Landice E9 Elliptical unit.

The E9 is one of the only elliptical units that enables patients to stand upright on the frame’s stationary footpads and perform an isolated workout to strengthen the upper body only, engage the foot pedal only, or engage the upper and lower body simultaneously. For the lower body, the center- drive technology replicates the biomechanics of walking or running. The E9 provides a low impact alternative to treadmills. The E9 Elliptical also features an accessible, safe, stable and patient-friendly exercise platform. Users can easily grab the side rails, step up and safely start a workout.


• Heart Rate: Interactive contact heart rate monitor
• Resistance levels: 1-20
• User Capacity: 500lbs
• Active Footprint: 35”w x 76”l x 67”h
• Power: 110 VAC, 60 Hz, 15 Amp
• Handrails: 2” medical grade side rails
• Stride Length: 21”
• Drive System: Center drive
• Pedals: 2” spacing with Orthopedic Gel Inserts

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Note: Like all of our products, the Landice E9 Elliptical is only sold to health care professionals.