Free Motion Genesis G624 Dual Cable Cross


The Genesis Dual Cable Cross G624 enhances strength by allowing users to perform movements that mimic functional activities of daily living, sports rehabilitation, and everything in between. A wide range of muscles, joints, and planes of motion can be challenged on this unique machine. The G624 is perfect for the rehabilitation of strength, stability, as well as balance. The open design makes it welcoming for all rehabilitation populations, including patients that require wheelchair accessibility.


• Weight Stack: Two 240 lbs Stacks.
• Cable ratio if 3:1 allows for effective resistance of 3.3 – 80 lbs. / weight stack.
• Cable Travel 97 in (246.3 cm) per side.
• Rubber Feet Molded floor protectors.
• Standard Frame Color: Black.
• Product Dimensions (at full extension) 70” L x 122” W x 92” H.
• Wheelchair Accessible.