Free Motion F624 Dual Cable Functional Trainer

  • Description


The Free Motion F624 Dual Cable Cross enhances strength by allowing users to perform movements that mimic activities in both sports and everyday life. Functionally trains the muscles of the entire body to work together while building stability and coordination. Every muscle and plane of motion can be worked and challenged on this unique machine.


  • Swivel pulleys and 97” cable travel to allow fluid, unlimited range of motion.
  • Independently rotating arms and moving handles allow functional movements.
  • Counterweighted arms for easy change of position, both horizontally and vertically.
  • Wheelchair accessible (ADA Compliant) allow you to train your most deconditioned and debilitated patients.
  • 3:1 cable ratio
  • Enclosed weight stacks for user safety.
  • Space requirement: 62” x 123” x 95”.
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