EmField Pro | High Energy Induction Therapy (HEIT)



The emField Pro generates a magnetic field of up to 3 Tesla.  This strong magnetic field stimulates nerves cells, muscles, blood vessels, and bone.  Penetration of up to 7 inches allows you to affect tissues and structures that you simple are not able to reach with traditional modalities.  The electromagnetic field of the emField Pro improves cell and cell membrane function for faster and more significant clinical outcomes. 

“The ‘inflammation-acute setting’ has been working like a charm in severe cases.  Patients are getting better in 1-2 treatments”. – Dr. A. Gordon

There is no need to disrobe your patients when they are treated with the emField Pro, as no direct contact is needed. This makes set-up quick and convenient, with no chance of cross-contamination from patient to patient.  During treatment patients perceive a smooth and pleasant sensation. 

The “preset” protocols and “favorites” menu allows easy application of the emField Pro.  These reduce your learning curve and facilitates excellent clinical results from the moment you implement it into your practice. 

The emfield Pro can be used statically (unattended) or dynamically (attended) to suit the needs of both the practitioner and patient. 


Magnetic Power: Up to 3 Tesla
Frequency: 1-150Hz
Treatment Protocols: Programs: 6
Favorites: 20

Expert (fully customizable): 20
Dimensions: 21.3”D x 19.7”W x 39.1”H
Weight: 132.lbs

Call 1-800-345-1124 or email Sales@HarlanHealth.com to place your order. 

Note: Like all of our products, the emField Pro is only sold to health care professionals.