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ibox  Iontophoresis Device

The Dynatron ibox is an iontophoresis drug delivery system that delivers either positive or negative currents for moving a variety of medications through the skin, eliminating the need for injections.
The ibox automatically updates treatment times based on current changes made during the treatment. The display shows all appropriate parameters during treatment. Patient leads connect to snap connectors on electrodes. The ibox has a tactile keypad, and is powered by (2) AA batteries.

Iontophoresis Electrodes

Comfortable and cost effective, the Dynatron Ion electrodes are designed to provide uniform distribution of electrical current for safe and easy drug delivery. The return electrode features a patented buffered gel designed specifically for Iontophoresis. The buffered delivery electrode maintains pH up to 80 mA-min.

ion electrodes are available in four sizes:

Dynatron Ion electrodes are individually packaged treatment packs (12 packs/box). Each treatment pack contains:
(1) Delivery electrode, (1) Return electrode and (2) alcohol wipes.
Small ion – 1.5 cc
Electrode (12-pack)
Medium ion – 2.5 cc
Electrode (12-pack)
Large ion – 4.0 cc
Electrode (12-pack)
Butterfly ion – 2.0 cc
Electrode (12-pack)

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