Technological Advances Make Old Modalities Obsolete.

With the speed at which technological advancements have been made over the past several years, digital and computerized components, as well as many electronic parts have become obsolete. As a result, many critical components that were used in the manufacturing of older modalities have aged to a point where they are no longer available. “Several popular manufacturers have a long list of equipment that have gone beyond their useful lives and made it to the obsolete list.”, states Harlan Pyes, President of Harlan Health Products, Inc.

Decompression Traction Made Easy With SmartTrac

The Dynatron T4™ table represents a quantum leap ahead in full featured, robust, decompression/traction tables. Combined with the NEW SmarTrac Traction Unit, the Dynatron T4 table also represents the most innovative and complete traction package available. Unparalleled control of all traction parameters, allowing total customization to fit your patients needs for cervical or lumbar traction. Save protocols by patient name or treatment goal to make the set-up of subsequent sessions even more convenient. DynaWrap harnesses make set-up quick and easy. Friction-free traction platform maximizes...

Multi Radiance Medical Super Pulsed Lasers Receive FDA Clearance for Neck and Shoulder Pain

SOLON, Ohio--(BUSINESS WIRE)--After extensive review and evaluation, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently cleared Multi Radiance Medical MR4 Laser technology for neck and shoulder pain relief under the Product Classification NHN, making Multi Radiance one of the few laser manufacturers in the world to secure the NHN product class FDA 510(k) clearance.

Harlan Health Products Becomes ANJC Bronze Sponsor

The ANJC is pleased to announce that longtime Platinum Sponsor Harlan Health Products, Inc. has increased its sponsorship to Bronze level. Executive Director Amy Boright Porchetta said, “We are delighted that Harlan Health Products continues its great support of the profession within New Jersey by investing in an enhanced partnership which will benefit our members.” Founder and president Harlan Pyes said: “We are proud of our relationship with the ANJC. Harlan Health Products has been a Platinum Sponsor since the inception of...

Add Convenience and Efficiency To Your Office Today!

The Dynatron Solaris is a multi-faceted electrical stimulation platform that enhances clinical outcomes. Its unmatched versatility, treatment effectiveness, and hallmark "Target" feature will leave your patients looking forward to their next visit. Contact us today to learn more about the Solaris Plus and its unique features, including the optional Tri-Wave Light Probe, optional "hands free" Tri-Wave Light Pads, and the unique optional ThermoStim probe, which combines heat or cold with electrical stim while performing instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization.

Mobilize Tissue with the Dynatron X-5

Looking to add something new and unique to your practice that will enhance results and your patients' experience? Let us show you the Dynatron X5 Soft Tissue Oscillation Therapy unit. The Dynatron X5 represents the latest innovation in soft tissue therapy. The X5 Soft Tissue Oscillation Therapy unit, applied manually or with probes, creates a unique electrostatic field in the tissue. The rapidly alternating polarity yields a “push-pull” effect in the tissue. This activity results in a vibratory/mechanical disruption that...

Save on all of your clinical supplies by with our DynaClub Purchasing Program!

DynaClub is a joint venture between Harlan Health Products, Inc. and Dynatronics Corp designed to provide you with savings up to 35% off professional pricing on your clinical supplies. If you already have a DynaClub account, click here to place your online order. If you would like to open a DynaClub Account, contact us at 1-800-345-1124 , and we will get your account set up with our BEST pricing and Flat Rate Shipping so you can start saving money today.

It’s summer, give your hands a vacation!

If you've been providing your patients manual soft tissue therapy for years, there are two guarantees: your patients appreciate the results, and your hands are taking a beating. Your hands are your most important tools when it comes to treating patients, so give them a rest while offering a unique experience with the ThermoStim Probe or the enPuls! The ThermoStim Probe, an accessory for Dynatronics stim and combo units, can heat up to 112° F or cool down to 35° F...