Whitehall Thermo-Therapy TT-101

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Product Description

The TT-101 model is designed to sit on a table, floor or stand and treat one extremity at a time. The heater is thermostatically-controlled and quickly provides Celstim up to a maximum safety switch-limited 128°F (53.3°C). Treatment time is controlled by a built-in timer, and Celstim temperature is indicated by a digital thermometer.
Dimensions for the unit is 10.5 W x 19.5 L x 15″ H (270 x 500 x 380 mm) .The Celstim capacity, for this unit, is approximately 10 lbs. (4.5 kg) with the heated airstream provided by a single, noise-reduced, variable speed blower. The unit becomes mobile with optional mobile stand TT-900 or Cart UCH.

Product Function:

For use on forearm, bicep, calf, knee



Brand: ThermoTherapy
Appropriate for: Hand Therapy , Athletic Trainer , Physical Therapy , Occupational Therapy
Capacity in Weight: 10 lbs
Body Treatment Location(s): arm elbow & leg calf

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