Dynatron X5 Soft Tissue Oscillation Therapy

  • Description


The Dynatron X5 Soft Tissue Oscillation unit represents true innovation in soft tissue therapy.  The Dynatron X5 probes create an electrostatic field between the probe and the tissue. The rapid alternation of the polarity yields a “push-pull” effect in the tissue. This activity results in a vibratory/mechanical disruption that is developed deep in the soft tissue.  It is highly effective in the treatment of both acute and chronic pain, as well as many soft tissue indications.

Product Details

  • Two Independent channels allow for 2 patients to be treated simultaneously.
  • Can be delivered through the practitioner’s hands to enhance manual techniques.
  • Six Treatment modes for a wide variety of approaches.
  • Two treatment probes allow you to effectively treat small and large tissue regions
  • Frequency sweeps prevent patient accommodation
  • Customizable presets to reduce set-up time.
  • Lightweight and portable allow for easy mobility in and out of your facility.
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