Introducing A New Standalone Ultrasound from Dynatronics!

Beat the tax clock and invest in the NEW Dynatronics 125B Ultrasound! The small light-weight design of the Dynatron 125B makes it easy to carry and move around the clinic. The battery powered option allows the device to travel to any location, providing Ultrasound treatments immediately, wherever they are needed. Dynatronics offers Ultrasound SmartHeads in three sizes, 2 cm², 5 cm², and 10 cm². One soundhead of your choice is included with the purchase of a Dynatron 125B. To find out [...]


30 days left! Take advantage before it’s too late!

Beat the tax clock and invest in the NEW Sci-Fit Latitude! The Latitude Lateral Stability Trainer uses an innovative lateral motion to help strengthen back, hip, ankle, and knee stabilizing muscles in a unique and engaging way. It enables users to exercise in a recumbent position and is wheelchair accessible, providing effective rehabilitation for a wide variety of patients. To find out more, call us today at 800-345-1124 or click on the picture to view a demonstration video!


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Why not turn it into something beneficial for your practice instead, like the MR4 Laser/Stim unit? The MR4 Laser/Stim unit is a unique laser system that is designed to eliminate the guesswork in delivering effective laser therapy. The unique Target technology guides you to the appropriate tissue to treat, as well as the appropriate dose to deliver, saving you time and maximizing treatment effectiveness. The simultaneous delivery of 3 different wavelengths (660nm, 880nm, 905nm), and electric current allows for [...]


The clock is ticking!

This multi-faceted electrical stimulation device enhances clinical outcomes while providing an incredibly versatile and effective treatment that will leave your patients looking forward to their next visit. Contact us today to learn more about the Solaris Plus and its unique features, including two accessories for powerful light therapy, targeted interferential electrical stimulation, and the one-of-a-kind ThermoStim probe, combining heat or cold with electrical stim while performing instrument-assisted soft tissue work.

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